Archibald MacLeish

JB is a play written in free verse by American playwright and poet Archibald MacLeish and is a modern retelling of the story of the biblical figure Job – hence the title: J.B./Job. The play opens in "a corner inside an enormous circus tent". Two vendors, Mr. Zuss and Nickles begin the play-within-a-play by assuming the roles of God and Satan, respectively. They overhear J.B., a wealthy New York banker, describe his prosperity as a just reward for his faithfulness to God. Scorning him, Nickles wagers that J.B. will curse God if his life is ruined. Nickles and Zuss then watch as J.B.'s children are killed and his property is ruined and the former millionaire is left to the streets. J.B. is then visited by three Comforters with each offering a different explanation for his plight. J.B. declines to believe any of them, instead asking God himself to explain and finding comfort in the person of his wife, Sarah. JB premiered on Broadway on December 11, 1958 and closed on October 24, 1959 after 364 performances. It was directed by Elia Kazan and the cast included Raymond Massey, Christopher Plummer,and Pat Hingle.

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